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48th Danville Historical Society Holiday Tour Set For Saturday

This Saturday, December 11. will be the 48th Danville Historical Society Holiday Tour. The tour will be from 11 AM – 5PM and tickets are $20 presale and $25 on the 11th. This is a big event folks and the timing is perfect with this theme and the coming casino. “Each year, the Danville Historical Society takes people inside different homes and buildings around the city. On Dec. 11, the focus turns to Schoolfield. This is a bit different than the usual tour stops, as the village technically wasn’t a part of Danville for most of its existence. Before being annexed by the city in 1951, Schoolfield was independent, even if it did lack a few things like a sewage system,” writes the Danville Historical Society.

“As for the tour, tickets are $20 now and $25 on Dec. 11. If you’re interested, they’re available in a number of places. You can stop by Karen’s Hallmark (on the second floor of the Danville Mall), go to the Ginger Bread House at 1799 Memorial Dr., Rippe’s Apparel at 559 Main St. or Vintages by the Dan at 312 Main St. Tickets are also available online by clicking here.”