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Frank Fox Explains Why Proposed 58 West Axton Development Is Critical For Mega Park And Pittsylvania County Economic Growth

This week there will be a key zoning vote at the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors meeting over zoning changes for the proposed 58 mixed used development. Frank Fox, who is running for the BOS Chatham-Blairs seat, spoke at the last board meeting and explained why it is so important for the area. So far, and the vote is tomorrow, in this race Josh Jennings is also running and has spoken in support of the development, while candidate Ken Bowman has made no public statement one way or the other on this issue.

You can see the remarks made by Mr. Fox in this video clip below, with a transcript of them provided below.


“I am Frank Fox of the Chatham and Blair’s District. I am not here tonight to speak as a candidate for supervisor but as a three-term member of the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce, and having represented Pitttsylvania County since 2010 on the West Piedmont planning district commission working committee. The regional investment in the South Virginia Mega site is over 240 million dollars today. Many question that investment and what is being done to attract business successfully to the site. Much has been addressed in workforce development and infrastructure to be site ready.”

“The two sticking points for potential businesses compared to other sites have been the fast tracking of road improvements a public investment and available housing. A private investment regarding road improvements Delegate Les Adams sponsored passage of House Bill 2302 in the most recent session to allow the Governor to direct funds to the Commonwealth Transportation board for projects determined to be necessary to support major Economic Development initiatives and authorized the 35 million dollars for the enhancement of existing economic development projects. by allowing the bypass of the VDOT six-year plan. This represents a solution for the public issue with the Southern Virginia Mega site.”

“In our West Piedmont Planning Commission report prepared annually for the U.S Department of Commerce Pittsylvania County demographics showed a two percent decline in population from the 2010 to 2020 census in the SWOT analysis. In this report declining population t rends and stock and age of suitable housing are listed as recognized weaknesses. The proposed Axton housing development rezoning case R21016 deserves sincere consideration by this board after addressing all concerns regarding the details as listed by engaged citizens, incentivized individuals, and families to relocate to the region. Interestingly, the current economic and innovation projects for Pittsylvania County, including with Danville City you submitted in the funding phase for the West Piedmont report are Southern Virginia Mega sites $12.5 million, Cane Creek 4.9 million, existing sites $3 million under 57 housing livability and the equity projects for the planning district Pittsylvania County submitted only two upgrades to the Old Dominion Agricultural Center and Trail construction for the Richmond Danville rail trail since housing construction is indeed and should be in the private realm we need to welcome the opportunity that R23016 represents with careful considerations of the system and its needs. Thank you.”

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