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Danville Entrepreneur Sees Way To Build Revenue Stream From Coming Blue Ridge Rock Festival – Mike Swanson

The Blue Ride Rock Festival is coming to Danville, Virginia and is projected to bring anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 people a day for a few days in September. Already, the hotels in Danville and the surrounding area have sold out. Right now there is a lot of excitement and anticipation building for the event, but back in June there were people trying to spread enough fear to cause the county supervisors to try to stop it. One of the supervisors even said he didn’t want it come, but in the end all of the supervisors approved the permit for the concert and have set the stage for even more events in the future.

This has been viewed as great victory for small business people in the area. And now one entrepreneur has thought of a way to build a potential dividend stream to actually profit from it. I’m talking about Jon Moss who operates Shed and Trailer Supply, with two locations in Blairs and Collinsville, Virginia. He started this business from scratch last year and now its growing fast. His business philosophy is to win by serving his customers the best as he can and rewarding his employees for helping him do that and grow too. It’s a combination that is creating a high growth business like a rocket.

Jon posted a video up on Facebook about the coming concerts and points out in it that there just aren’t enough hotels for the people coming for them. As he explains, that can be an opportunity.

I have heard talk of some putting up homes and rooms to rent through AIRBNB, so Jon Moss isn’t the only one who sees the rock concert as reason to see it as an opportunity, but he is the only one talking publicly about it. You can find out more about his business from his website shedandtrailersupply.com.

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