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Danville, Virginia Area Hotels Suddenly Sold Out for September 9-12, Here Is Why – Mike Swanson (07/19/2021)

Something that rarely has ever happened before in the Danville, Virginia area is suddenly happening. All the area hotels for the dates of September 9-12, 2021 are completely booked up and sold out. If you go to hotels.com and try to book a room yourself then you’ll see this for yourself.

And, so as a result of this sellout, people are now trying to get a room for those dates in Lynchburg and Martinsville and those areas are selling out fast too. Many of the hotels in those two places only have one or two rooms left and many none. People trying to book a hotel are in shock.

This is all happening, because of the Blue Ridge Rock Festival set for those dates. The event is expected to bring well over 10,000 people to the area to attend and maybe even up to 20,000.

Some will be staying at a nearby campground, but there is now people talking about setting up AirBnb spots to rent out for the incoming music fans to make some money off of all of this. This is going to be a big event folks. Some people didn’t want it to happen. A fear crowd formed to try to pressure the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors into taking actions to block it. Some expressed concerns that it would mean too much traffic on the roads and others came to meetings worried that outsiders coming to the area with this type of music would mean “turning our backs on God.” There were a lot of people in the 1980’s who used to think that hard rock music was Satanic, and no doubt some of the band leaders played into that for shock value. The arguments against the Rock Festival, though, failed to sway the board. The reality is that all the money the people are going to bring means more profits for the hotels, food companies, and extra tax revenue, which the county desperately needs. Saying no, would also send a message to anyone else looking to come to do anything new for the area that they are not wanted. In short, it would be a counterproductive disaster.

The festival people are putting updates on the event on Twitter and seem to be getting new additions for it every week.

The coming Danville Caesar’s casino is part of the reason more things are now happening and new things are going to keep coming to the area. The fear crowd couldn’t stop the casino vote last year and they couldn’t stop the Blue Ridge Rock Festival either.

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