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Coming 19th Annual Storytelling Festival In Danville, Virginia

The 19th annual Story Telling Festival is coming to Danville, Virginia. The date is set for February 5, 2002 and is going to virtual and free! According to its website, “Dr. Fred Motley founded the Danville Storytelling Festival (DSF) in 2001. In partnership with the several local grassroots groups, regional artisans, and civic organizations-  there was a shared passion to continue the tradition of storytelling that has been around for centuries. A tradition which keeps many of these “unwritten” stories alive and passed down from generation to generation.”

“The Danville Storytelling Festival is a family-oriented event that acts as an “artistic social bridge” – bringing communities together and celebrating how we are all connected using the rich tradition of storytelling, performances, and activism. Storytellers, also known as “Griots,” perform different styles of storytelling, collectively creating a multi-cultural and generational experience.”

For the full information and list of speakers click here.