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Structure fire at Western Sizzlin of Danville, Virginia Put Out By Fire Department

The Danville Fire Department responded to a reported structure fire at 3211 Riverside Drive (Western Sizzlin of Danville) this evening (October 11, 2021) at 8:05 pm. Crews arrived at 8:10 pm and found a medium sized one-story restaurant with nothing showing. Engine 2’s crew (from Piney Forest Road Fire Station) entered the restaurant and found a small amount of smoke inside. The building was quickly evacuated and they began searching for the fire. Engine 4’s crew (from West Main Street Fire Station) and Ladder 1’s crew (from Lynn Street Fire Station) laddered the building and found a small fire on the roof. Engine 6’s crew (from Westover Drive Fire Station) sat up equipment and established a Rapid Intervention Crew.

The fire was located on the roof and had extended into the structure. A hole was cut into the roof to expose the fire and was extinguished at 8:30pm. Overhaul was done from both inside and outside the structure and the fire determined to be under control at 8:43pm. The restaurant sustained minor smoke and fire damage.

The Danville Fire Department responded with three engines, a ladder truck, a command unit, and a safety officer. Sixteen fire personnel were on the scene for 1 hour and 30 minutes. No injuries were reported. The Danville Life Saving Crew, Danville Electric Department and Danville Water and Gas Department assisted on scene.

The cause of the fire was investigated and determined to be an electrical shorted-out neon tube/sign.

Chris Key

Battalion Chief

Star News TV shot this footage