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Sunday Morning Significant Fire at Blue Ridge Fiberboard In Danville, Virginia

Statement from Danville Fire Department:

The Danville Fire Department responded to a structure fire located at 250 Celetex Drive this morning at 2:30 AM. First arriving units at the Blue Ridge Fiberboard complex found a fire in a medium-sized building. The building housed a large asphalt boiler and electric switches, pumps, and panels. The building was on fire, which also included all the electrical equipment. Much of the fire was coming from oil leaking from the boiler. The fire was controlled by foam off of Engine 7. The power to the building had been disconnected by plant personnel as we arrived. Fire in the rest of the building was controlled with another hand line. 

The oil used to heat the boiler was peanut oil. The oil was on fire and leaking out of the building. After controlling the fire, it was confirmed the runoff moved to a large lagoon beside the main plant. Peanut oil is not considered to have an impact on the environment, especially in the small amount of runoff from the building. The damage to the building and all its contents is significant. Plant operation can continue as repairs and/or replacement is completed by Blue Ridge personnel. The cause of the fire was a mechanical failure at or outside the boiler.

The Danville Fire Department responded with four engines, one ladder truck, one tanker, and three support vehicles. Eighteen personnel from the DFD remained on scene for 2 hours and 15 minutes. Apparatus responded from stations located at Lynn St., Industrial Ave., Airport Dr., and West Main St. We received support from Blue Ridge Fiberboard plant personnel and the Danville Life Saving Crew. There were no injuries. 

Brian K. Alderson – Battalion Chief