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Pittsylvania County Fair Coming Back For 2021 In September – Mike Swanson

For as long as I can remember, the Pittsylvania County Fair has been a week long event held every September for fun and family. This year it is back again! In fact, the people hosting the fair have put together a Youtube video to promote it.

The fair will be located in Ringold, Virginia, and not far from the VIR race track and Milton, NC. You can find detailed instructions on how to get there here with this link. They will have two nights of Demolition Derby action, Figure 8 racing, Bull Riding and ride wristbands offered every day.

You find a schedule events for the fair right here.

As far as the fair grounds go, they have a history to them. As the fair grounds website explains, it all “began as the dream of one man and his family. Larry Burnett remembered his childhood, when he used to get excited about going to the county fair at the original Danville Fairgrounds. ‘The week of the fair, the whole town was buzzing,’ said Burnett. ‘I enjoyed that. My wife and I started talking about it, how as kids we got so excited when the fair came to town. We’d come home from school, throw our books down, and go to the fair.’ Burnett wanted a whole new generation to treasure these memories.”

“Burnett remembered the former local fairgrounds as a gathering place, a place where parents could bring their children for rides and games, where friends could meet for ice cream, and where young men could bring their sweethearts. Now, years later Larry and his sweetheart, Cindy, have recreated this magical place for the next generation.”

“The fairgrounds and all of it’s events are operated completely by the Burnett family and friends. Willard, father of Larry, and brother, Ray, have both been in the act since the beginning. It only seems fitting to operate the Fairgrounds together, as they have done in years past with two other family businesses, Burnett’s Construction and Cavalier Farms. Other family members are also involved, whether it be with Finances, Public Relations, Administrative, or Concession work, everyone is fully involved, especially when the fair rolls around. Friends of the family have contributed tremendously when it comes to support and man-hours during all events. It takes a lot of people to make an event run smoothly, from selling tickets, to selling concession food, to running errands and answering the phones; a volunteer’s work never seems to be done.”

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