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Odd And Hidden Westbrook Traction Elevator in Danville, Virginia Garners Global Attention – Mike Swanson

Something you probably never have seen in Danville, Virginia if you live there is suddenly grabbing attention of people all over the world on the internet. This is the old Westbrook Traction elevator that is in the office building on Main Street that houses First Citizens Bank and the Voter Registration office for the city of Danville. For most, who go by this location every single day, they have never even known this elevator was there as it has been hidden from their view, but now they can see it. On the internet there are tens of thousands of subcultures of people interested in niche topics and artifacts of the past. One such group is fascinated with old elevators and someone with a Youtube channel dedicated to elevator tours just put up a video about this old elevator in Danville.

This video has been up for less than two weeks and already has over 5,000 views. This is thanks to the fascination among many in old elevators. The person who owns this channel, Andrew Reams, actually has a museum in Roanoke dedicated to artifacts from old elevators such as this one called the elevaTOURS International Elevator Museum.

“My YouTube channel has given me a chance to connect with people with this Asperger’s Syndrome because I would say 90% of these people into elevators- I think all of them- but most of these elevator enthusiasts have some sort of autism,” Reams told WDBJ7 in an interview.

The growth of his channel and its views show that others share his interest in elevators. Here is a trailer on his channel with more information.

And here is a neat tweet from Reams.

Elevators are fun!

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