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New Rules Create Controversy At Kickback Jacks In Danville, Virginia – Mike Swanson

Don’t worry this news alert has nothing to do with masks, even though it is about new rules at a local restaurant in Danville, Virginia. I’m talking about Kickback Jacks and this weekend on Facebook someone made a post showing a bunch of new rules that had been tacked up on the entrance door for all who enter to see and obey. Among the rules are no balloons of any sort, no excessive baggy attire, no sunglasses unless prescription, no overly revealing tops or bottoms, and no back packs of any kind or large baggage. There are more of them, but I think you get the picture.

On Facebook, this post, once shared in groups, garnered hundreds of comments and went viral. Comments were ones of derision and even anger, with some saying they no longer will even go to restaurant.

I think the anger over this will fade away and people will calm down. Perhaps adjustments will be made to these rules or a better explanation of what they are trying to do by management will happen to help put people at ease, who think they are being singled out unfairly. Someone commenting made a very simple suggestion and wrote, “To be fair, as someone who has worked in high end restaurants out of town, they usually just have a sign that says “neat dress requires,” they don’t provide a rap sheet of things they deem unacceptable because people regardless of color can read that and understand how to dress. This is supertargeted, specific, and its just a sports bar, across from an Applebee’s….. thats all I gotta say.”

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