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The Coming Danville Caesar’s Casino Is Already Bringing New People Of Initiative To The Region – Mike Swanson (07/13/2021)

Many fear mongers and constant complainers still put a dark cloud over Danville at times, but they aren’t looking at the real future.  Others have and are taking action to be a part of it.  It’s why you see new businesses opening in Danville and new construction projects down the pipe.  OUTSIDE of Danville and Pittsylvania County (where most of the fearmongers are that spread their fear) people are noticing.  If you take a little drive today to Eden and pick up a copy of Eden’s Own Journal (it’s free in the stores) and turn to page 18 you’ll see a profile of this emerging leader Summer Woodard, who moved to Reidsville to become that city’s manager.  They basically stole her away from Franklin, NC. 

Reidsville for decades has been on hard times, like much of our region has.  But she sees a bright future for it and Rockingham County, because it is now, in her words, “positioned perfectly for growth.  With the future Interstate-785 connecting Reidsville and locations like the new casino being built in Danville, Virginia, growth in Reidsville is inevitable.”  What is coming to Danville is going to lift up the whole region. And so she decided to move to Reidsville to be a part of that.  She isn’t the only one. 

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