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New Secretive And Confidential Detective Agency Opens for Business In Danville To Serve The Region – Mike Swanson (07/27/2021)

A new private investigations detective agency has opened to serve Danville, Virginia, and its surrounding area, called Black Tie Private Investigations and Security Agency LLC. I saw it announce itself to the area through Facebook ads and then took a look at its website at blacktiepi.com. According to their website, they provide the following services:

“Spousal Infidelity Investigations

Background Investigations

Missing Persons

Criminal and Civil Investigations Research

Insurance Fraud

Workers Compensation

GPS Tracking (Hi-Tech Surveillance)

Bug Sweeping & Bug Detection

Child Custody

Surveillance & Counter Surveillance

Current and Previous Employment Information

Vital Record Search (Marriage, Divorce, & Death”

-Source blacktiepi.com

Now I don’t know these guys and this is all new to me. I say that, because by pure coincidence over a dozen years ago I was the co-owner of a limo business by the name of Black Tie Limo, Inc. with a good friend of mine. We sold it and neither of us has anything to do with the future owners. I don’t think the current owners of the limos we had have anything to do with this new PI company either. “Black Tie” is a common phrase used with many limo companies. There is one in Winston-Salem and another in Greensboro using it.

I’m always on the lookout to find out about new businesses in the region to let you know about them, but this one really caught my eye, because of this name.

I contacted them through Facebook looking to do a story, thinking of perhaps writing an angle of who they personally are and their experience as that would be good for one, but they told me that they prefer to remain in secret. This busted my idea. They take a huge priority in keeping who their clients are and their needs and keeping them completely confidential and so being a bit more secretive about themselves is one way they do this. You can find out more about them and what they provide at their website. They are also looking to serve people throughout the entire region, including Martinsville, South Boston, Roanoke, and Lynchburg.

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