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Miss Henry County Fair Paegant Winner MaKayla Sprouse Introduced Beyond Martinsville Region – Mike Swanson (07/22/2021)

This week the Henry County, Virginia government introduced the winner of the Henry County Paegant fair to the world through its Youtube channel. MaKayla Sprouse actually won the “Miss” category, for ages 17-22, of what was the first Henry County Paegant back in June. This video serves as her introduction to the world out of the Martinsville region. Forty-five other girls and ladies participated in the paegant in several age groups, with nine category winners. Sprouse will go on to serve as the official person representing the fair and participate in the The Miss Association of Fairs Competition to be held next year in January.

Here is the Youtube video, with Miss Sprouse, garnering views around the world, to draw a lot of attention to Henry County and the coming fair activities.

The fair will be held September 21-25, 2021 and you can get more information for it and order tickets to attend it by going to its website here. It will be held at the grounds of the massive Martinsville Speedway timed with the Valley Star Credit 300 Race.

Having this fair and this race timed together is going to draw a lot of people to the Martinsville area and make for a fun weekend for those that attend. The people at the Henry County Parks and Recreation have planned this out very well.

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