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Martinsville Vice-Mayor Aaron Rawls Gives A City Council Update

Martinsville Vice-Mayor Aaron Rawls posted a city council update on his Facebook page:

“If you’ve been tuning in then you’ve noticed that Council meetings are now shorter and smoother. The opportunities we’re pursuing are ambitious, more impactful, and take significantly more time to bring to life. At least one of those will be shared in an update in May. For now, before we begin this year’s budget sessions, I want to share a few highlights from the past few Council meetings:”

“1) We approved an economic incentive package for a brewery in Uptown. This project is ~$1 million investment in the city. Our expectation is that economic incentives like these will be offered fairly, across-the-board, to all businesses that make significant investments in Martinsville. I’m happy to discuss this with anyone who has any questions – and especially if you’re a business looking to set up shop in our wonderful city.”

“2) Lawrence Mitchell was appointed to fill our vacant Council seat. He brings substantial experience to the city government, having served in the Department of Justice and United Nations.”

“3) We established the Community Advisory Board. This passionate group of citizens will be major contributors to Martinsville’s revitalization.”

“4) We recognized our amazing police department for earning re-accreditation this year.”

5) Mayor Jones and I recently recorded a podcast with Martinsville PIO Kendall Davis. Check it out! https://fb.watch/k7P7kyzmkK/

You can watch that podcast here:

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