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Check Out This Awesome Drone Footage Over Downtown Danville And More By DJ Riddle and G Money – Mike Swanson

Sometimes, when you turn on the computer and load up Youtube you’ll see something cool. Well that is happening for me more and more thanks to videos being produced by DJ Riddle and G Money on their Youtube channel consisting of drone video footage over Danville and other wonderful areas of the state of Virginia.

One of my favorites is this film they made of downtown Danville.

This video has over 4,000 views at the moment and was done just six weeks ago so it is taking off with the Youtube algorithms and probably getting views from beyond the region. They have done many videos similar to this one for over a year. Here is another example.

Yep, you may have noticed that dam at the start of this video next to the YMCA is the very dam that the Vice-Mayor wants to destroy. He claims that it needs to have a guard posted at it 24/7 to prevent any possible drownings and without one the only alternative is to destroy it despite the fact that this sign has done a good job of keeping people safe, at zero cost.

If the dam is taken away we will always be able to watch this drone footage to remember how beautiful it has been to see the river with it. But here is another cool video done outside of Danville in Chatham, Virginia.

This video starts at the Chatham courthouse and pans around to give a nice view of Hargrave Military Academy.

These videos are awesome and I hear that you might able to get DJ Riddle and G Money to produce one for you. If you are interested trying go to their Youtube page and contact them at their about section. Their main gig is K.R. Music, an all occasion DJ service for weddings,parties,business outings, and all other occasions entertainment is required. They have been doing that for years.

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