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Local Brick Company Celebrates 100 Years In Rockingham County, North Carolina

Pine Hall Brick Company is a 4th generation family owned business that servers both local and global consumers.

Wentworth, NC (August 5, 2022) –  One of America’s oldest manufacturers of clay brick pavers celebrated 100 years at their Madison, North Carolina location on August 5, 2022. Pine Hall Brick Company is responsible for the hundreds of thousands of bricks used across the country over the last century. With only a handful of locations, Rockingham County has been home to one of the Pine Hall Brick manufacturing plants since 1936.  

   In 1922, Flake Steele of J.C. Steele & Sons formed one of the top brick producing companies in North Carolina. In 1936, the company purchased the Madison Brick Company and consolidated operations to Madison, North Carolina. Through the years, Pine Hall Brick Company expanded several times with its newest plant near Fairmount, Georgia.

   The bricks and pavers that come from Pine Hall Brick Company help build essential products people use every day. The “face brick” manufactured at Pine Hall Brick are used on exterior walls of local homes and commercial buildings. The “clay pavers” are used mostly for the construction of segmental pavement for anything from streets to patios. These clay pavers have been shipped across the country and around the world.

   “Pine Hall Brick Company is a testament to quality business practices and products,” County Manager Lance Metzler said during the 100-year celebration. “To have a company be this successful shows that Rockingham County continues to be a great place to not only live but work and grow.”

   The Pine Hall Brick Company is still owned by the Steele Family, with its fourth generation recently taking over. Fletcher Steele, PHB President 1989-2021, has been quoted saying in part “Not many companies can say their products sold over the last one hundred years are still in service today.” For more information about this company, visit their website at pinehallbrick.com