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Lead Hazard Found In School In Rockingham County, North Carolina

Recently an environmental lead inspection conducted at Lawsonville Head Start revealed the presence of lead hazards in areas accessible to children attending the facility.  The lead hazards found were primarily on the exterior of the facility.   The Rockingham County Division of Public Health has made recommendations to Rockingham County Schools regarding the protection of the children from exposure.

The primary route of lead poisoning for children that are six and under is through the ingestion of lead contaminated dust, which occurs by hand to mouth activity.  Rockingham County School’s administration was notified of the lead hazards identified and have implemented measures to minimize student exposure and access to areas where the lead hazards were found.  At this time, no child has been identified with unacceptable blood lead levels.

Excessive lead levels may cause learning difficulties, behavioral problems, and other adverse health consequences.  If you suspect your child/children have been exposed to lead hazards, the Rockingham County Department of Health and Human Services recommends that your child/children schedule an appointment to be tested to determine his/her blood lead level.  If tested at the Rockingham County Division of Public Health, there will be no cost to the parents.  To schedule an appointment, please call 336-342-8141. 

If additional information is needed, contact Jennifer Fain, RN, BSN, Public Health Lead Nurse at 336-342-8160 or Meg McGuire, REHS, Environmental Health Programs Coordinator at 336-342-8271.