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Stock Market Public Portfolio Update (Navigating A Bear Market Attack Situation) – Mike Swanson

In this video I give an update on my public portfolio, which I started up at the beginning of this month. In order to win in the markets you must have a reasonable goal that you can accomplish. The notion of getting rich in a crypto coin or one single stock trade or with a call option is not a reasonable goal. It is just gambling Even if you get lucky in one trade the odds are you will lose big eventually without a real money management strategy.

The past two years have brought millions of people into the market who are now losing money, because they learned no real money management strategy, because no one told them they needed one (they sold them with hype and technobabble). Most of these people will wipe out this year and ten percent on Robinhood account holders already have, but a new trading elite will emerge out of this bear market and my hope is to be able to help the few new people that got into the markets who want to become winners and not just HODLR types.

I don’t think much is actually going to happen in the markets this week and I don’t see a great trading setup here.

For my public portfolio go here:

I strongly recommend anyone new to read the book Secrets To Profiting In Bull & Bear Markets by Stan Weinstein to start. It’s available on Amazon here: