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Rockingham County holds it annual ‘Free Cleanup Week’

Wentworth, NC (April 4, 2022) –  The Rockingham County Landfill will host its annual Free Cleanup Week April 4th through April 9th 2022. During these days the landfill will be open during normal business hours but there will be stipulations to the normal disposals accepted. Please see the following as you plan for Free Cleanup Week:

Citizens will be asked to demonstrate their Rockingham County residency.  ALL loads being brought to the landfill are subject to inspection by the environmental staff and law enforcement officers. 

-Keep your Loads Covered: Please be reminded that the State of NC requires all loads must be secured/covered to avoid littering our roadways.  The Landfill charges an additional $10 fee for any vehicle entering the Rockingham County Landfill with an uncovered/unsecured load.

-Trash Hoarding:  The hoarding of one’s trash to avoid weekly compliance with the County’s Solid Waste Ordinance will not be tolerated.  Our Solid Waste Enforcement Officers will be on site to address those who bring more than a week’s worth of garbage to the landfill during Free Cleanup Week.

-Regular Solid Waste Disposal: Regular residential solid waste will be accepted for disposal from SINGLE DWELLING Households and items from the usual municipal “cleanup” collections programs conducted during the Free Cleanup Week.  Citizens are limited to one truck bed load OR one trailer load (trailer no longer than 16 feet) per household for the entire week.                                                          

-No Commercial Waste Accepted for Free: No “Commercial” solid waste material will be accepted for free disposal during the week.  This includes shingles, remodeling and construction materials, demolition materials and other waste recognized as commercial waste.  No industrial waste will be accepted for free disposal.  No animal carcasses will be accepted for free disposal. Commercial haulers of residential waste will not be allowed free disposal.

-Tires: County residents may bring up to 5 passenger tires for free.  More than 5 will be subject to a fee charge.  The limit is 5 tires per household for the entire week.

-Dot: Waste from “cleanup” collection programs conducted by DOT will be accepted during the separately designated Spring Litter Sweep. However, the municipalities and DOT must receive approval from the E & PU office prior to the Free Cleanup Week.

-Re-Use: Residents are encouraged to remember charitable organizations such as the Salvation Army, Goodwill and church & civic groups who may provide benefits to those less fortunate with donations of usable discarded items.  These are good recycling efforts and avoids disposal in the Landfill. 

-Recycling:  Will be provided for TVs, electronics, auto batteries, antifreeze, used oil, used oil filters, whole scrap tires, clean wood waste (including wood pallets), 20 lb. propane tanks, appliances & scrap metals. Glass (clear, brown, & green) containers, aluminum & steel cans, jars, jugs, newspaper, mixed paper, cardboard, magazines, paperback books, and plastic containers can also be recycled. All recyclable materials including scrap tires, appliances & scrap metal, antifreeze, used oil, used oil filters, clean wood pallets (no paint/markings), clean wood waste, and auto batteries must be separated from other solid waste materials brought for disposal. These materials should be brought on loads separate from wastes brought for landfill disposal.

*** Fees will be charged for those wastes not approved for waiver of fees.  Commercial/paying waste haulers will have priority for access to the scales, processing at the scale house and disposal of waste at the Landfill during this week.   

Questions and requests for approval of cleanup collection programs should be directed to the Engineering & Public Utilities Department as soon as possible and prior to the Free Cleanup Week. That number is 336-342-8104 during regular office hours.