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New Evergreen Cemetery Explored In Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The Youtube Channel That Modern Mombie explored the New Evergreen Cemetery In Winson-Salem, North Carolina. The city actually owns and operates the cemetery. the New Evergreen Cemetery was opened in 1944 to take place of the former Evergreen Cemetery, a graveyard on private property owned by James Foy, a prominent African-American farmer. The original graveyard backed up to Smith Reynolds Airport and had to be moved in the early 1940s because the airport needed to expand its runways in order to ship goods during WWII.

The Work Progress Administration helped move 700 graves from the old Evergreen Cemetery to the New Evergreen Cemetery on what is now New Walkertown Road. The Winston-Salem Foundation helped pay for the move, spending about $15,000 to buy the land, grade and surface the roads and pay for the actual relocation of the remains.

What’s a Mombie? The “zombification” process that occurs to special needs parents; a parent who has been slowly reanimated do to caffeine consumption; Zombie+Mommy=Mombie! This Youtuber explores cemeteries (haunted or not), historical buildings and random aspects of their life and shares them with her videos.

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