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Candidate Dan Moy For Republican 5th District Nomination Pledges To Reopen Congressional Office In Danville, Virginia Closed By Congressman Bob Goode – Mike Swanson

Dan Moy, who is running a rising campaign to become the Republican candidate this November for the Congressional 5th district in Virginia, made a pledge on Monday to reopen the closed Congressional offices in Danville and Charlottseville, Virginia. As a Congressman, Bob Good has been good at drawing attention to himself by making polarizing statements on Twitter and on national newscasts, which does help him attract funds from across the county, but when it comes to any legislative accomplishments he has brought for the region it is very difficult to think of any. In fact, you hardly ever see Bob Good come to Danville or Pittsylvania County for anything but private fundraising.

Last year, when the Bob Warren machine candidates lost in landslides in Pittsylvania County, Bob Good was the only elected official in the entire state of Virginia who had endorsed any of them, which was a sign that he is out of touch with what is happening here. However, you have to wonder if he cares, as Bob Good also shut down Congressional offices in Danville, Charlottesville, and Farmville, making it difficult for constituents to get help. The only offices he has now are one in Washington, DC and another near his home in Lynchburg. That says a lot about his priorities.

In the past few weeks, Moy has been campaigning in various counties in order to get people to become delegates to the Republican convention that will be held on May 21, 2022. Last Thursday, he spoke at a meeting of the Pittsylvania County Republican Party. Yesterday, he made this pledge to open the Congressional offices back up on his Facebook page.

Moy spoke at an event this weekend in Campbell County with special guest Lt Gov Winsome Sears.