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Youtuber Films “UFO” In Martinsville, Virginia

A Youtube put up a video showing a “UFO” in Martinsville, Virginia. This is how he described it – “I was just taking a clip of my car and my friends cars at school in Martinsville VA. Went inside and started editing the footage when I noticed the object in the video, which was moving extremely fast. It looked like it could be a bird maybe or a drone so I slowed it down and after really examining the video I still don’t know what it is. You can see it come from behind the trees in the background and then proceed to fly behind the trees later in the video in the parking lot. It’s hard to say just how big it is but the fact it flew behind those trees makes me think it had to be bigger than most birds and definitely bigger than a drone. Plus most of the time if it is a bird it would not have that steady of a movement like this object did. Or if it were a drone I would’ve definitely noticed it outside or heard the electric motors considering how fast it was moving… anyways this is very interesting to me and I’m really hoping I can get this out to the UFO community and have their opinion on the video. Also the first clip you see is in real time speed and through out the video I slow it down and zoom in on the object.”

Here is the video.