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First Board of Commissioners Meeting in 2022 Yields Future Projects

The 1st Commissioner’s Meeting of the New Year may have been postponed but it was worth the wait. Commissioners hear of a new project from RCC and discuss additions to the Belew’s Lake Park Project.

Wentworth, NC ( January 11, 2022) –  Rockingham County Commissioners in partnership with County Management postponed the first Board of Commissioners meeting of 2022 by a week because of adverse weather. In this first meeting, the Board approved the beginning stages of several projects around the county including the location for a possible driving pad for the Basic Law Enforcement Training Program and restroom faculties for the Belew’s Lake Park Project.

   Rockingham Community College President, Dr. Mark Kinlaw requested of the Board that the Community College move forward with developers regarding a 53-acre plot of land, owned by the county, to be used for a driving pad and related law enforcement training facilities. Currently, the BLET program is using Guilford Technical Community College’s driving pad. The land within the 53-acre plot will allow training to stay within the county and allow RCC their own area for program growth. The Board of Commissioners approved RCC moving forward with the planning process for this training area. RCC officials believe they will have a more detailed plan for this project in the coming months. Until then, the College will work with developers on a cost and usage plan for this lot.

   The Board also approved to add permanent toilets to the Belew’s Lake Park Project. Director of Engineering and Public Utilities stated in the meeting a permanent restroom facility will be more cost efficient in the long run for the County versus the use of portable toilets on the site. In October, the Board approved to pay for a gravel parking lot, night lights, trash cans and maintenance of the common areas in addition to power and restrooms at this park.  Further plans for this park include walking trails, benches and trail kiosks maintained by Rockingham Community College. Because of the decision at the January 10th meeting, the County can move forward with developments of the park in the western part of Rockingham County.

   “Rockingham County is constantly growing thanks to the people we have leading departments and organizations,” County Manager Lance Metzler said Monday night, “We have a lot of new and exciting projects coming for 2022 and I hope the citizens will be just as excited as we are.”

   The next Board of Commissioners Meeting is set for Tuesday January 18th, 2022 at 6:30pm. More News →