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Scary Video of Henry County, Virginia School Bus Crash Leaked On Internet

On November 12, 2021, a video from a Henry County Schools bus surfaced, showing the frightening moments from a crash that ejected a passenger. This video was uploaded and leaked on to Youtube On November 23. “Bus 54 had just dropped off students at school on North River Road in Fieldale, Virginia. The bus driver was on his way to the bus lot when it was involved in a nasty collision. You can see a Ram pickup truck turn in front of the bus. The bus driver appears to attempt to swerve to the right but crashes into the oncoming truck. The passenger of the truck can be seen falling out into the road, narrowly missing the school bus. There were no students on board at the time of the crash. The school bus driver in this crash was not injured. In fact, you can hear him shout after the crash, “Dang it, man! He just pulled out right in front of me.” There is no word on injuries for the driver or passenger in the truck, though, photos from the scene after the fact show the pickup truck caught fire. The drivers who crashed into two other Henry County Schools buses last week were charged; Virginia State Police have not said if the driver of the pickup in this accident will face any charges,” wrote the Youtube channel about this video.


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