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Rockingham County Economic Development Is Restructured, Fully Staffed, and Ready for 2022

Rockingham County Economic Development, Small Business, and Tourism names new Deputy Director, Small Business and Economic Development Coordinator, and Tourism Manager. 

Rockingham County, NC (December 22, 2021) – The Rockingham County office of Economic Development, Small Business, and Tourism is excited to announce they have recently restructured the organization in an effort to strengthen its already successful services.

Over the last few months, Economic Development Director, Leigh Cockram has identified numerous strengths of the Economic Development staff and has restructured positions to accentuate each of those strong qualities. As a result, Kerry Taylor-Pinnix was named Deputy Director and Betsy Brame was named Small Business and Economic Development Coordinator.

As Deputy Director, Taylor-Pinnix serves as the main contact for existing industries and business owners throughout Rockingham County ensuring they have the atmosphere required to be successful in our community. In addition, she also actively participates in new business/industry recruitment and expansion projects while also managing local and state incentive packages for new and existing industries.

Brame’s transition to Small Business and Economic Development Coordinator puts her in charge of a wide range of administrative functions as well as makes her the primary contact for small business efforts carried out by the department. Her primary focus is on assisting entrepreneurs and small businesses in their efforts to start-up and/or grow their business in Rockingham County.

Most recently, and to complete the team, Lindsay Pegg joined the department as its Tourism Manager. A native of Rockingham County, Pegg comes to the department with extensive experience and passion for outdoor recreation, adventure, sports, and travel. 

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to lead Rockingham County’s tourism efforts,” said Pegg.  “Having grown up in Rockingham County, I realize there is a lot to experience here, no matter your age. I look forward to showing our visitors all that Rockingham County has to offer, as well as identifying new adventures to be had.”

As Tourism Manager, Pegg will be responsible for coordinating activities and initiatives that promote Rockingham County to new and repeat visitors. In addition, she will work with a variety of partner organizations to develop and distribute promotional materials pertaining to current travel and tourism attractions of the county as well as identify new tourism opportunities for the county.

“As the lead economic development agency in Rockingham County, we felt our clients and county as a whole could be better served by restructuring the function of the office,” said Leigh Cockram, Director, Economic Development.  “Although years 2020 and 2021 were surprisingly strong years for economic growth in Rockingham County, I feel 2022 will be even stronger with our new rolls and staffing. I look forward to seeing what big things this small, but mighty team will accomplish.”