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2024 Property Appraisal Project Begins In Rockingham, North Carolina

The Rockingham County Tax Department has hired an appraisal company to collect data on real property throughout the county. You may see these workers in your neighborhoods and communities. 

Wentworth, NC (November 16, 2021) – The Rockingham County Tax Administration has begun the first stage of the 2024 Real Property Appraisal project by partnering with Piner Appraisal. Beginning in November, Rockingham County residents should expect to see appraisers collecting data on homes in the area.

   Piner Appraisal has been hired by County Officials to assist in this project. The appraisers performing the field work will be verifying the information the county tax department has on real estate. They verify this data by talking to citizens, measuring structures and observing the condition of structures while making any changes to the information needed since the last appraisal.

   “This field work is very important,” Tax Administrator, Mark McClintock said when discussing this part of the project, “The information the appraisers get now set the tone for our county for the next reappraisal which will take effect in 2024.”  McClintock continued to say residents may receive a door hanger notice if more information is needed.

   Field appraisers will have a Rockingham County contractor picture identification and wear a bright yellow vest with “Rockingham County” on the back. Their vehicles will have signage stating County Revaluation, but will not be in county cars. 

   In addition to field work, appraisers will analyze the real estate market, gather construction cost information and research sales since the last reappraisal in 2019. The North Carolina General Statutes require all North Carolina counties to reappraise real property at least every 8 years.