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Fire at Blue Ridge Fiberboard In Danville, Virginia

From a fire department media release: “The Danville Fire Department responded to Blue Ridge Fiberboard at 250 Celotex Drive for a large fire outside one of their buildings today (10/31/21). Apparatus arrived at 1:50pm to find fire and smoke coming from multiple stacks of building materials. Some of the building material was next to a building. Firefighters pulled several lines to control the fire and keep it away from the extending to the building. Foam was also used to soak the fiberboard. Employees of Blue Ridge were already fighting the fire when the DFD arrived. As the fire was controlled, employees used fork lifts to move the individual stacks to a different area to prevent any further spread of fire.

The cause of the fire was built up heat from the manufacturing process. The DFD responded with four engines, one tanker, one ladder, one safety officer, and one battalion chief. 19 personnel remained on scene for approximately 3.5 hours. Blue Ridge employees will remain on scene throughout the night to monitor the situation.

In addition to the Blue Ridge employees, the DFD received support from the Danville Life Saving Crew.

Brian K. Alderson – Battalion Chief”