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Fun Food Vlog Reviews This Western Sizzlin In Danville, Virginia – Mike Swanson

Last week the Youtube Vlogger “Higher Learning” came to Danville, Virginia and made a stop at Western Sizzlin, on Riverside Drive, where he made a great, fun, and quick four minute video that is well worth taking your time to watch. This Vlogger travels throughout several states and often visits this area. His videos are about “events, places, and food.”

All three are indeed fun and so is his Vlog. Check out this video here.

Here is a thought for you today.

Business and restaurant reviews can be fun, however, on Facebook there is a Danville reviews group that is not fun at all. It dubs itself “Excellent Or Poor Customer Service, Danville, VA” and members of the group often act as typical bad news Charlies, looking for the black cloud over the horizon all of the time. The reality is on Facebook posts that generate anger and fear in people are the ones that get shared, liked, and commented on the most. So people who engage in the negativity on there find that they can feel like they get all of the attention in the world.

So, someone who walks in Wal-Mart, finds a check-out machine down and throws a fit in the store, can then come home and make a post on Facebook complaining about it all in the group and get validation from the attention. But the vortex of anger makes it so that the longer you are on Facebook the worse you often you feel when you get off of it.

Contrast all that with this fun video done at Western Sizzlin.

This is what reviews should be about!

Food tastes better when you have fun.

And yes there are a small few Facebook groups that are worthwhile.

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