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Fights At GW High School In Danville, Virginia Put On Social Media – Mike Swanson

Last week fights that happened at GW High School in Danville, Virginia made the local news, including a story in the Danville Register & Bee. Police were called and an arrest was made at one of them. A lot of rumors spread on Facebook and elsewhere about the situation. I was, of course, not at any of these fights, however students at the school recorded them with their phones and put up videos of them on various social media accounts where kids have been passing them around. It would seem in today’s age you cannot go anywhere or do anything without the possibility that someone will record what you are doing with their phone.

Two of the videos have been put on Youtube.

You can find the first one here.

And you can find the second one here.

Fights are not good, but they have happened ever since man could walk on two feet. There is no need to make too much of the fact that a fight happened among teenagers or that police had to come. Just take efforts to prevent them from happening again. Talk to kids. Let the teachers and administrators do their job. The rumors must stop. The videos do not show any weapons or anyone hurt so bad that they got knocked out or had to go to the hospital.

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