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Danville Small Business Leader Interviewed By The Virginia Council on Economic Education On Life After High School – Mike Swanson

A lot of things are happening in Danville, Virginia. While recent census news has shown that the population in Pittsylvania County has declined by 3,000 people in the past decade, and the city has also seen a population decline over the past thirty years, the reality is things are bottoming out in terms of population and economic growth in the city of Danville. New industry has arrived and the coming Caesar’s casino is already fueling more construction in the area visible to everyone to provide for the thousands of additional jobs it will bring. This means that some who may have been forced to leave once they graduate from high school will now be able to stay and some new people will move into the area.

New people means a new generation of small business leaders will also come up in Danville. Some of them are already here. One is Tricia Gammon of State Farm, who was interviewed by The Virginia Council of Economic Education in a program titled “”Life After High School: Navigating Career, Education, and Debt.” This program is a collection of lesson plans and digital teaching tools that helps teachers prepare their middle- and high-school students for the decisions they need to make about their next steps.

Tricia Gammon has served her community in a volunteer capacity ever since she was a teenager. Currently, in addition to her work with State Farm, she raises money for women in crisis. This service mindset – and the network of different people it brought – has guided her professional life each step of the way. Choosing your path after high school can be difficult, but giving your time to the community can help build your network and learn about what you really love to do.

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