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River City TV Shows Behind The Scenes World Of 911 Dispatch Center in Danville, Virginia – Mike Swanson (07/23/2021)

This week River City TV, of the city of Danville, Virginia, began a new series. on Facebook. of videos produced by the Danville Police Department. This partnership is giving people an inside look into things they have never seen before and new knowledge on how to deal with potential future situations. The first episode this week showed the behind the scenes world of the Emergency Communications Center, what people more commonly call the 911 dispatch center, in the city. These are the people who take the calls when people are in a serious emergency and need help, whether that be medical help or help from the fire department or the police department. These are the rescue hero teams that help so many.

Here is the video.

Host Ashtyn Foddrell talked with several 911 dispatchers about their role and what it is like for them as they do their. It takes a special caring type of person to do what they do. One thing they explained was what they need to know if they ever need to call 911. What are the best things to think about before you call them to help them handle your situation as efficiently as possible.

To get the next video in this series follow the River City TV Facebook page.

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