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Is A Full-Fledged Bear Market On The Horizon and The Rally In Precious Metals? – Chris Vermeeulen

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Chris Vermeulen sits down with David Lin of Kitco News to discuss the current market and asset class cycles – a very important concept to understand when positioning investments.

Looking at the stages of the market and the emotions of investors and trades, the question comes up of whether we are about to start a new bull market or are hovering on the edge of a complacency phase, about to tip into a full-fledged bear market.

Five Key Topics Covered:

1. The correlation between the stock market and economic cycles and what they can tell us about the current stage three topping phase of the stock market along with the complacency phase of market participants.

2. Why focus on risk and position management is vitally important in a stage three complacency phase. It’s not about making money at this time; it’s about preserving capital.

3. Why buy-and-hold is an extremely dangerous strategy in current market conditions, especially for those who are nearing or already in retirement.

4. The importance of knowing when to take profits on positions to protect the capital and combating greed and FOMO to actually follow these rules.

5. Being in cash can feel pretty good when there is a whole lot of chop in the stock market.

And a huge bonus – a little of Chris’ history about how he became the trader and investor he is today. Want to find out if you are like Chris?! Click here to take the personality test.

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