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Check Out The Sleeve House Home For Sale Near Ancram, NY (Unusual Real Estate Listing) – Mike Swanson

Check out this unusual real estate listing. It is the Sleeve House and is for sale in Gallatin, New York, which is near Catskill and right in between Albany and New York City. We take a look at it in this video tour.

According to the real estate listing, “the Sleeve House is an uncompromised architectural masterpiece. On nearly 46 acres, the 2, 500 square feet house is conceived as two elongated volumes, a smaller one sleeved inside a larger one. There are two distinct interior spaces. The first, between the inner and outer volumes, is the more public space using exposed concrete and charred wood as the primary materials, grander in scale yet comfortable and inviting with radiant heated floors. This space includes a dramatic entry leading down to a living room with a suspended wood burning fireplace, a stepped-up dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. The inner volume is the more private and intimate space with three bedrooms and two baths using softer materials such as carpeting, sheet rocked walls, and personal balconies off each of the two bedrooms at either end of the house. The home, while obviously modern, also pays homage to the old agricultural buildings, barns and silos of the Hudson Valley that typically sit in the middle of the landscape with rough facades weathered from sitting in the elements for a hundred or more years. “

The furnishing inside are also included.

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