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Dr. Rodney Shotwell Retires as the Superintendent for Rockingham County Public Schools

Wentworth, NC (June 30, 2022) – Rockingham County Government recognized Dr. Rodney Shotwell during the June 20, 2022 Board of Commissioners meeting for his near decade worth of service to the students and staff of the County school system. Shotwell will begin his retirement after 16 years as the Superintendent for Rockingham County Public Schools where he brought creative and innovative ideas to the classroom.

   Doctor Rodney Shotwell, an Alamance County native, received his undergraduate degree from North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After five years in the classroom, he became a part of the NC Principal Fellows and obtained his master’s degree in School Administration and Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Shotwell held positions of leadership across state schools as well as taught at the graduate and doctoral level for Universities in the North Carolina Collegiate System.

   Dr. Rodney Shotwell began his tenure at Rockingham County Schools in 2006 when he was named Superintendent inheriting more than 15,000 students and employees. As the new Superintendent, he set goals of increasing test scores, implementing classroom technology, decreasing the drop-out rate for students, and increasing teacher retention.

   “In his 16 years here, Dr. Shotwell has done incredible work for our students,” County Manager Lance Metzler stated, “His focus on technology and moving our classrooms forward will be felt for years to come. I hope he knows how thankful we were to have his leadership in our classrooms.”

   Dr. Rodney Shotwell’s achievements reach beyond Rockingham County. He has served on numerous boards including North Carolina High School Athletic Association Board of Directors, the North Carolina Association of High School Administrators, North Carolina Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development and the North Carolina School Superintendent’s Association. Shotwell is also a representative on Boards recognized nationally as well.

   Various groups have recognized Dr. Shotwell as Administrator of the Year and Superintendent of the Year for his inspirational leadership, passion for education, and genuine care for students, parents and teachers in all Rockingham County Schools.

   Rockingham County Government sends its warmest wishes to Dr. Rodney Shotwell as he closes his 16 years in our schools and begins retirement.