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Police Release Statement On Gel Blaster Electric “SPLAT R BALL” Gun Troublemakers In Danville, Virginia

The Danville Police Department issued this statement today:

The Danville Police Department has responded to numerous calls for reports of people shooting a Gel Blaster Electric “SPLAT R BALL” Gun. These electric guns contain water filled pellets, known as “Orbeez”.  The Orbeez are ejected at a high rate of speed that can cause serious bodily injury when misused. There were reports of subjects shooting from and at moving vehicles and targeting otherwise unknown citizens.

The number of reported incidents involving the SPLAT R BALL Gun is a safety issue for everyone. Parents should monitor their children when allowing them to use and play with the SPLAT R BALL Gun. Adults should use good judgement with how they handle and use the SPLAT R BALL Gun. 

Any misuse of the SPLAT R BALL Gun could result in those involved, being charged with the following offenses: 

Virginia State Code 46.2-868 Reckless Driving 

Virginia State Code 18.2-154 Shooting at or throwing missiles, etc., at car, train, vessel, etc. 

Virginia State Code 18.2-57 Assault and Battery

Anyone with information on the identity of the suspects or with information related to this ongoing investigation is asked to contact the Danville Police Department at the non-emergency dispatch line at 434-799-5111, the patrol office at 434-799-6510, contacting Crime Stoppers at 434-793-0000, through social media accounts and messenger on Facebook, or use of the crime tips app CARE at https://www.p3tips.com/tipform.aspx?ID=818#. Information leading to an arrest and conviction in this investigation will be eligible for a cash reward.