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Rockingham County Environmental Health Receives FDA Funding

Rockingham County Division of Public Health’s Environmental Health Section was award $118,860.00 from the United States Food and Drug Administration (U.S. FDA).  Funding will be dispersed over a 3-year period as follows:

Year 1 (CY 2022):$38,930.00
Year 2 (CY 2023):$38,930.00
Year 3 (CY 2024):$41,000.00

Funding will assist the Environmental Health Section with improving and/or enhancing retail food programs in their efforts to reduce the occurrence of foodborne illness risk factors and attain conformance with the Retail Program Standards.  These efforts will carried out in compliance with all applicable federal statutes and regulations and the Maintenance and Advancement in the FDA Program Standards as part of the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA)-U.S. Food and Drug Administration Retail Flexible Funding Model (RFFM) Grant Program.  “Rockingham County will develop new educational materials and continue to handout existing materials such as decals for equipment to remind staff of food temps and other food safety practices. Progress and improvement will be measured through documentation of trainings and provided educational materials”, Meg McGuire, Environmental Health Programs Coordinator.

That is a major accomplishment and an invaluable service to our local retail food providers.  Thanks you Rockingham County Environmental Health Section for all the extra steps taken to keep our community safe and healthy.