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Board of Commissioners Name Susan Washburn as New Clerk to the Board in Rockingham County, North Carolina

The Rockingham Board of Commissioners name Susan Washburn the newest Clerk to the Board. Wentworth, NC ( March 22, 2022) –  The Rockingham County Board of Commissioners named their newest Clerk to the Board, Susan Washburn during the March 21, 2022 regular meeting.

   Susan Washburn is no stranger to our area; she has already spent just under nine years with Rockingham County Government. Her latest role within Rockingham County was the Administrative Assistant to the Public Health Director. Washburn said her time working with our health department opened her eyes to the need but also the kinship we have within Rockingham County.

   “During the Pandemic and having worked the majority of the COVID vaccination clinics,” Washburn stated, “I witnessed the County working together helping Public Health achieve the remarkable effort of bringing vaccinations to the citizens as quickly as possible.”

   After Monday’s meeting, Chairman Kevin Berger extended a warm welcome to the new clerk saying in part “We are excited about Susan’s addition. She’s been with the county and has done a great job in our Public Health department. The board has full confidence in Ms. Washburn’s abilities as she moves into her new role as Clerk to the Board.”

   When asked what she looked forward to most in her new position as Clerk to the Board, Washburn said “I look forward to continuing the efforts to make Rockingham County a good place to be.”

   Susan Washburn has three children and one granddaughter. She spends her free time gardening and cooking. And though the last couple of years have halted it, Washburn still enjoys live music despite the Pandemic’s pause on concerts and live performances. Washburn’s first day in her new role is March 28, 2022.

   The next Board of Commissioners’ Meeting is set for April 4, 2022 at 6 p.m.