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Board of Commissioners’ Meeting Recap In Rockingham County, North Carolina

Wentworth, NC (March 8, 2022) –  The Board of Rockingham County Commissioners met for their regularly scheduled meeting on Monday March 7th 2022. During this meeting, the Board and County administration heard from members of the public as well as County department leaders and the County school system.
Highlights from the meeting are as followed:

   -Hank Henning from Duke Energy spoke before public commit about his new role. He has replaced Davis Montgomery who represented Rockingham County within the company.

   -The 12th Annual County-Wide Food Drive is underway. Representatives spoke to the Board and thanked them for their work as well as the county for their donations that help at least eight local organization. A news release further explaining this year’s drive will be published soon.

   -The Board unanimously voted to approve no more than $1,067,855.75 to Farmina Pet Food as the company grows and expands their business here. When the County announced Farmina Pet Foods coming to Rockingham County, there was an initial capital investment of $28 million. Now that capital investment is $40 million dollars and will bring in over 120 jobs.

   -Ronnie Tate presented to the Board April 4th through 9th 2022 as “Free Cleanup Week” for the Landfill. Services, with some limitations, will be free at the landfill this week. The Board approved this request unanimously.

   -The Rockingham County School System requested of the Board to transfer $208,000 from the system’s Other Restricted Funds to its Outlay Funds to purchase activity buses. The Board of Commissioners unanimously approved this request as well.

The next Board of Commissioners meeting is set for Monday, March 21st, 2022 at 6:30pm.