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Final Judgement Ordered in Reidsville Nuisance Case Against Owners Of Gill’s Inn & Suites In Rockingham County, NC

From a press release of the NC Department of Public Safety:

After years of deaths, drug violations, and numerous calls to the Reidsville Police Department, this local community should soon see long-awaited changes. On Friday, Feb. 4, Rockingham County Superior Court Judge ­­­­Stan Allen signed a consent judgment for a Chapter 19 nuisance abatement action against MH GILL’S LLC, Inam Gill and Israr Gill, the property owners of Gill’s Inn & Suites, 2100 Barnes Street, Reidsville.

This judgment concludes a civil nuisance abatement case brought by the Rockingham County District Attorney’s Office and the Reidsville Police Department on behalf of the State of North Carolina. Chapter 19 of the North Carolina General Statutes defines “nuisance” activities and provides for a civil remedy to abate such criminal acts and their detrimental impacts on the community.

“This lawsuit and subsequent judgment should provide much needed relief for the City of Reidsville,” said Reidsville Police Chief Ray Gibson. “I encourage all other hotel owners and landlords to carefully screen who they allow to stay on their properties. We will be vigilant with our efforts to curb criminal activity regardless of where it occurs in the city or who it involves.  I would like to thank North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement and District Attorney Jason Ramey for partnering with us to deter this criminal activity.”

This judgment permanently prohibits the property owners from operating or maintaining a public nuisance at this location, or anywhere within North Carolina. Under the terms of the consent judgment, the property may never be used for illegal purposes.  It imposes a more thorough guest screening process, limits access to the property to only bona-fide guests and trespasses all unwelcome guests. If the property owner does not follow the conditions in the agreement, the property could be subject to forfeiture.

“I would like to thank the North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement Nuisance Abatement Team for their extremely thorough investigation that allowed us to get this judgment. My office will pursue forfeiture of this property if the activities prohibited by the judgment do not cease,” said Jason Ramey, Rockingham County District Attorney. “Furthermore, my office looks forward to filing more nuisance abatement cases against other establishments if we discover that they are allowing illegal activities to flourish on their premises. I hope this judgment puts other businesses on notice that we are not going to tolerate this activity anymore in Rockingham or Caswell Counties.”