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Health Department Awarded Car Seat Grant In Rockingham County, North Carolina – Mike Swanson

Yesterday, the Rockingham County, North Carolina, Department of Public Health announced that it was granted an $8,000 Dr. Ann Wolfe Mini-Grant to enhance child health and address infant mortality. 

Here are the details. The North Carolina Public Health Association gave Rockingham County Department of Public Health (RCDPH) this grant to help the county enhance child health and address infant mortality. The Dr. Ann F Wolfe Endowment was established in October of 2003 through the estate of the late Dr. Ann Wolfe. This endowment was created as a component fund of the North Carolina Public Health Association.

This is a big issue that needs help, because, in 2020, there were 134 reported motor vehicle crashes that involved child restraints in Rockingham County (NC DOT Crash Database 6/2020). Additionally, there were a 168 total number of child restraints involved in those 134 motor vehicle crashed in 2020, meaning many vehicles were carrying multiple children at the time of the collision in Rockingham County (NC DOT Crash Database 6/2020). In the review of emergency room data for 2020, there were 34 motor vehicle collision-related emergency department visits for children ages 0-9 in Rockingham County.

According to Safe Kids World Wide’s National Child Passenger Safety Certification Technician database, only three individuals in Rockingham County are certified child passenger safety seat technicians. All three Certified Technicians are housed within RCDPH.

This grant will aid the RCDPH by focusing on reducing the occurrence of vehicular infant death for county residents and decrease the number of improper child restraints being used. With this grant, the Child Safety Program will be implemented to provide car seats and education to families in Rockingham County. Additionally, a child safety coalition will be formed to provide community outreach at health and resource fairs. Child safety seats will be provided to all Rockingham County families that need a properly fitting child safety seat regardless of income. Child safety restraints are recommended until the age of 8 or over 80 pounds.

This is a big win for the county that can help save children.

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