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EMS Shift Bonus and New Hire Raise Announced In Rockingham County Hiring Drive

Wentworth, NC (September 28, 2021) – Rockingham County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is looking not only for new employees to fill critical vacancies, but also reward their current staff who are willing to pick up extra shifts. 

During the Board of Commissioners meeting on Monday September 20, 2021 the Board voted to give a temporary $100 per shift bonus for current full-time emergency services personnel who sign up for extra shifts due to a current staffing shortage.

Emergency Services Director Rodney Cates, in consultation with administration, proposed this shift bonus in an effort to reward those who are currently working above their expected duties. “EMS service is a lifesaving mission and we must take immediate action in an attempt to retain our current workforce,” Cates stated “…and reward those who are going above and beyond expectations to fill vacant shifts and keep operations afloat.”

In addition to this bonus, the Board approved increasing starting pay for new Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) by 5% as part of a larger countywide 1/3 compensation study.

 Lance Metzler, Rockingham County Manager expressed his appreciation for EMS staffing by saying in part, “They work hard for the citizens of this county, especially during these challenging times facing the Covid-19 Pandemic. I hope the steps we’ve taken tonight not only reward our current staff but draws in new applicants to fill the positions we have open.”

Metzler and Cates proposed this bonus for up to the next six months at which point it may be reevaluated if needed. The Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to adopt both the shift bonus and 1/3 compensation study. 

A complete list of job opportunities in Rockingham County Government can be found through their website.