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My New Vietnam War Book Has Hit The #1 Spot – Mike Swanson (01/26/20210)

I’m happy to be able to tell you yesterday that my new book Why The Vietnam War?, which is a sequel to my popular and well reviewed book The War State, hit the number #1 spot on Amazon for new releases on the Vietnam War.

Someone in face must have liked it, because they already read it and left this nice review:

“Why The Vietnam War?” by Mike Swanson is a great book which studies the mechanics of how the USA got drawn into the SE Asian conflict, the prior exploitation of the Vietnamese people by the French and Japanese and much more. The book begins with a thorough introduction of the harrowing experiences of former Defense Secretary Robert Mc Namara and his involvement in the War’s never ending Catch 22 quagmire.

Over 58 thousand soldiers died in this conflict and many soldiers came home with significant life altering disabilities. The War diminished the trust people had in the US government, although the Vietnamese had been exploited by the French and Japanese. The Pentagon Papers would document the extent of our involvement in Vietnam, as well as, the vested interests lingering in the dark shadows. The Vietnam War would be the undoing of the LBJ Presidency and would consume much of Potus Nixon’s first term up until the famous phrase “Peace is at hand” by Secy of State Kissinger.

Overall, Mike Swanson’s book is a serious historical commentary on a sad period of American and World History.

For the kindle version click here.

For the paperback version click here.

If you buy it too and read the book if you would leave a review after you finish it, because that will help book browsers on Amazon know whether or not they should buy the book. It takes reviews to get people who have never heard of you before to want to take a chance on a new book. It was exciting to see this first review for the book. Thanks!