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Small Cap Stock Alert: Why Shares of VNUE Inc (OTCMKTS: VNUE) Are Rising Over 43% In Morning Trading – Tim Bellamy

While the stock market has had its up and downs over the past week today shares of VNUE Inc are up over 43% so far today in morning trading as we go into noon. The stock has done over 306 million shares of trading volume to be one of the most actively traded stocks on the US OTC this morning. The stock has a market cap of $1.7 million US dollars and has grabbed the attention of many today, because of its price action. Take a look at the chart.

VNUE Inc is a company that operates as a live entertainment music service company. The Company brings bands and fans together by capturing audio and video recordings of live performances. VNUE then sells live performances of the artist directly to the fans who attend their shows. Interestingly enough on of the top gaining stocks yesterday was B2Digital, which does live sporting events and is making a deal using apps.

VNUE stock has gone up a lot as you can see from the chart. Yesterday it announced that its cloud music recognition program entered beta testing phase “and has been deployed at multiple radio stations and physical locations around the country in a commercial setting, with more locations pending.” “This is an important milestone for the company,” said VNUE CEO Zach Bair.  “Testing Soundstr in a real world setting and getting feedback from early-adopter clients will enable us to analyze important data and be readily prepared for the full rollout, which we expect to initiate Q4 of this year.” A lot of stock traders on twitter have taken notice.

I have no position in VNUE stock and am not trading it. Neither is Mike Swanson who is the head editor of this website. The stock is simply too high at the moment. Mike uses specific entry patterns for his trades. You can get on his free trading alert list by joining it for free. Simply click here to subscribe.