Penny Stock Decision Diagnostics Corp. (OTCMKTS: DECN) Rises On Coronavirus Testing Kit News – Mike Swanson (04/21/2020)

In morning trading shares of Decision Diagnostics Corporation (OTCMKTS: DECN) are up over 16% on news that it has received a letter from the FDA about its coronavirus home testing kit called GenViro! Covid-19 Swift Kit. The stock has already traded over 18 million shares of volume on the US OTC market. This exchange is home to many penny stocks and very small microcap companies. DECN though has a market cap over $25 million so it is larger than most stocks that trade on the OTC.

The stock began to rise a few weeks ago when the company began to issue press releases about this testing kit. It also announced two hours ago that it will release an update on Thursday with more details of the FDA contacts and potential sales to interested medical businesses. These releases are creating excitement among stock traders as you can see from these twitter comments:

There have been other penny stocks that have linked itself to the coronavirus that have recently seen moves like this such as PCL Ltd. It is hard to know if this test kit will really become a massive thing or not, but many are betting that it will be.

Today the stock market is down following the big drop in oil that has taken place this week. Many are looking to buy crashed oil and airline stocks, but a game plan is needed. I talked about that in this video update:


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