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In Denial And The Secret History Cuba – Source – The Ochelli Effect (04/22/2020)

Larry Hancock’s Creating Chaos is a study of political warfare, from the basics of political action through propaganda and disinformation and into full-blown efforts to fragment and undermine targeted regimes access to advanced targeting capabilities against social networks. In this episode of The Ochelli Effect Larry talked about his newest research. To listen to this MP3 click here.

“He approached his new book In Denial in the same way; it explores the practices and results of covert action in both the 20th and 21st Centuries. Fundamentally it addresses one simple question – why do regimes and political leaders consistently turn to secret warfare when it can be shown to almost always fruitless in the long run, with extremely negative political consequences and collateral damages.”

“However, in doing that study, it quickly became apparent that the most highly visible and well-documented example of secret warfare that had gone wrong was the Cuba Project / Bay of Pigs effort as conducted under the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations.”

“In examining the huge amount of detail, including from several new sources, that his work on that developed into what can only be considered a rebuttal of much of the popular history of that effort – in particular as regards to the Bay of Pigs. As it turns out much of the popular history and media coverage is based in both outright lies and intentionally planted misinformation. What followed evolved was one of his most heavily cited books to date. As Larry says, when you decide to go against popular history you best go prepared,” writes Chuck Ochelli.