Home Technical Analysis Where Will This Stock Market Rally End? – Mike Swanson (04/26/2019)

Where Will This Stock Market Rally End? – Mike Swanson (04/26/2019)

I just did a special interview with Ike Iossif about the stock market. A few days ago we did an interview primarily about the US bond market and the dichotomy of BOTH bond prices and stock prices going up. This won’t last forever so it is a key thing to be watching for when it starts to change.

That was Part I of our discussion. This video is part II and in this one, Ike talked about where this stock market rally is likely to end.

In this video he talked about his money flow indicators for the S&P 500 and the implications for what they are doing now.

It suggests a price target for this rally.

You can look at all the charts Ike put together for this video by going here.

Now I also got Ike to agree to give you a special 50% discount to get into his premium service. This will give you his updates on his indicators and access to his private interviews with his guests.

This offer expires on Tuesday so take advantage of it go here.