Home Culture and Society Interest In “Q Anon” Theories Has Collapsed – Mike Swanson (04/26/2019)

Interest In “Q Anon” Theories Has Collapsed – Mike Swanson (04/26/2019)

One of the weirdest things I ever have seen in the financial world was the spread of “Q Anon” theories about the stock market last year. I saw people posting Youtube videos getting hundreds of thousands of views in December claiming that the stock market dropped due to a “deep state” plot against Donald Trump.

Someone going by the name of “Q” – or a group of people claiming to be “Q” – were spreading these rumors. The “Q” people were making all kinds of wild claims for a year – almost all of which never happened.

I talked about this briefly with Chuck Ochelli on Tuesday night on his show.

One thing I pointed out to him was the mass interest in “Q” has pretty much vanished overnight.

What you are seeing is the Google Trends chart that show how often people are looking for information on this topic in Google search.

The idea of “Q” first gained big traction on the Alex Jones show with Jerome Corsi pushing it, but now it seems to be fading away on its way to become a forgotten fad.