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Donald Trump Is Now A Stock Market Risk Factor – Mike Swanson (08/21/2017)

This video was filmed in Charlottesville, Virginia on the stop where Nazis and nuts came to the UVA campus on August 11 before killing someone the next day.
Donald Trump is now a risk factor for the stock market.
The chaos last week in American politics is a sign of more political instability.
Trump provided hope that he would do things to grow the economy when he came in office, but the events of last week put his personal ability to do anything positive for the country in grave doubt.
Really he is in political collapse.
The danger is now going forward he will just lash out and cause more chaos.
Stock market investors need to be prepared for more swings and even drops in the stock market. The technical analysis charts suggest that the market is in a slight downtrend at the moment, but I think the long-term supports are likely to get taken out in the coming weeks to result in a real stock market correction.
Corrections are normal in a stock market, but Trump might make what would have been a normal correction this fall into something much worse tipping into a real new bear market.
Investing in gold and gold stocks is one good idea. But reducing stock market exposure is fully invested is now imperative imho…