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How To Buy Stocks

How to Start Buying Stocks

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I’ve been investing now in the stock market since 1999. It seems like such a long time ago and I have to tell you there is nothing like it when it comes to accumulating wealth. It’s become such a big part of my life that I don’t think much about it. It’s become an easy thing like driving a car.
But I can look back and remember how intimidating it was. There were so many questions running through my head and so many books to buy just to figure out something simple like what the best stocks to buy were?
So I sat down and read about thirty books in six weeks. It was information overload and you don’t have to go through that much stuff to start out. You just need to know where to start.
Don’t be intimidated. You might be asking yourself how many stocks should you own? The answer is more than ten, because less than that and you won’t really be controlling your risk through by owning multiple positions at all.
And more than ten is better, but you need to have at least ten. See that’s a simple thing to know. And if you want to control risk even more put in stop loss orders so that if a stock falls below a certain level you get out.
The order means if a stock falls to price x stop me out of this stock by selling my shares immediately. You do that in order to limit your losses and ride your winners.
You would do this because as a general rule of thumb you want to invest in trends and sometime you get things wrong. So if a stock goes into a downtrend you can lose a lot of money. Selling out before that happens then protects you and makes it easier for you to hold on to stocks that are going up and making you more money.
Now to buy a stock you need a broker. There are plenty of online brokers to choose from and to tell you the truth there isn’t that much difference between them anymore. All of them pretty much have the same bells and whistles.

Where to Buy Stocks

You can also get a full service broker instead of an online broker. Those are brokers you deal with in person or on the phone. They charge big fees in return for giving you advice on what to do. But if you are looking mainly for someone to do trades with I would go the cheaper online route.
I have used Etrade and found it to be a good and simple on to start with. I have heard good things about Scottrade and they got offices in the United States you can go to and talk with someone in person to help you get started. Most brokers today will let you buy stocks on not only the NYSE and Nasdaq, but also the otc bullet board penny stock world, and some of them will let you access stock markets all over the world.
But whatever broker you use once you open an account you’ll need to make a deposit. You can then go through their guide or talk with someone for help on how to enter your first order to buy a stock.
You can put in other types of brokerage orders besides a stop loss order too.
There are two orders to use. First is what is called a market order. It tells your broker to buy at the current price. Then you have what is called a limit order. That tells your broker to buy no higher than a certain price.
Some people like to do that to try to buy something on a little dip, but more often I just put my market order in and go. If I want something I want it so I see no need to mess around if I believe it is going to up.
When you want something you need to go for it too. And I can help you. I used to manage a hedge fund and after I retired from that world I setup a private high dollar investment mastermind group. It’s mostly for institutional investors. But I also help new people starting out with my book Strategic Stock Trading and this website.
If you are interesting in stock picking I suggest that you go below and join the free membership level of this site.
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Once you do I’ll immediately send you a PDF report titled The Two Fold Formula, which contains the number one stock pattern I have found during my entire career in the stock market and still use today over and over again. You’ll then get actionable investment ideas from me. Just scroll down below and begin.