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SETI, please call me collect!

Perhaps, because of what I’m about to reveal, I should remain incognito.

Otherwise, the SETI Institute might pay to track me down. Now that their allocation is in place, SETI could easily afford to do that. From a June 3, 2023 article by Paul Sacca,

Scientists zero in on mysterious signals from heart of Milky Way galaxy over dangers of aliens finding us before we find them

it’s apparent that money is not a problem:

The project is part of a $100 million initiative to locate advanced extraterrestrial life.

For a fraction of their allotment, SETI could tap into my brain to see what it retains regarding what I saw while at Virginia’s Smith Mountain Lake, less than an hour from my home.

That’s important to SETI because their stated purpose is not only very clear but it’s also, to the scientists at SETI, very alarming:

Suresh highlighted the importance of finding aliens before they find us.

That phrase,”…before they find us” reminds me of my camping incident with my Boy Scout troop that took place decades ago. Each of us was given a bag. Our only instruction was to catch a snipe and put it in the bag. Since we only had twenty minutes to complete our mission, we scurried through the woods in hopes of catching a tiny, harmless, and elusive snipe.

Of course, as we learned while sitting around our campfire later with our empty bags, there were no snipes to catch. Snipes didn’t exist.

I’m reminded of that experience because it appears to me that the searchers at SETI are blindfolded.

All they have to do is to interrogate me. That might save all of us taxpaying Americans a huge chunk of their $100,000,000 budget.

And I’ll answer all of their questions without charge. Or I could send them the book I wrote about my sighting of the alien craft I saw as it came from outer space.  I wrote the book after taking, and passing, a Lie Detector test.

Since they appear to be determined to find the aliens before they find us. I could tell them to stop worrying.

Scientists presented their blueprint for attempting to track down radio pulses emanating from the middle of the galaxy in a scientific paper published in The Astronomical Journal.

Steve Croft – the paper’s co-author and an Adjunct Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institute – said in a statement, “The Breakthrough Listen Investigation for Periodic Spectral Signals (BLIPSS), led by Akshay Suresh, Cornell doctoral candidate in astronomy, is pioneering a search for periodic signals emanating from the core of our galaxy, the Milky Way. The research aims to detect repetitive patterns, a way to search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) within our cosmic neighborhood.”

Croft proclaimed, “Breakthrough Listen captures huge volumes of data, and Akshay’s technique provides a new method to help us search that haystack for needles that could provide tantalizing evidence of advanced extraterrestrial life forms.”

I saw the spacecraft as it came from outer space then penetrated our atmosphere. It didn’t land. Instead, it hovered about eighty feet above the ground about 200’ from where I watched.

Minutes later, it left abruptly, without a sound.

Not long after that, it returned to the very same spot. That’s when I studied it with a pair of binoculars.

Perhaps I should ask SETI to call me. As important as it seems to be to them, I would even be willing to accept a collect call.